Fundraiser for MOOL (Massive Outpouring of Love - D&G Refugee Action)

The Cracked Man recently played at Auchencairn Village Hall, along with Under The Hammer, to help raise funds for MOOL (Massive Outpouring of Love) - a local organisation dedicated to helping refugees by "organising the collection and delivery of supplies and human kindness to those in need at home and abroad. So far, we have helped locally, and in Calais, Lesvos,Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Hungary and Jordan."

We were delighted to be a part of an event that raised £750 for such a deserving cause.

Just before we started our set Kim handed his camera to his friend, photographer Allan Wright and asked him if he could attempt to grab a few shots of us playing. Below are some of the ones he got.

Not bad for a landscape photographer...

Thanks Allan!

The Cracked Man Video Diaries #5 - Demon On Your Shoulder

Continuing our exploration of the possibilities of going beyond the live performance restrictions of only 2 instruments and one voice as we record our album.

After the fun intro mentioned in episode #4, we got carried away developing the rest of "Demon On Your Shoulder" into a major rock 'n' roll scream-fest, but somehow lost "The Cracked Man" in the process. So we stripped it back and started again to see if there were other directions we could take it in...