New EP - Moving On

As Kim slides the bottleneck across the strings of his bouzouki, it screams an unearthly sound more akin to a beast from the deep calling out in challenge, than some kind of folk instrument. Plugging the bouzouki through a distortion box and delay pedal we think, not for the first time, the recordings we have available online don't really reflect the full range of music styles The Cracked Man is now producing.

Yes, some of our music is distinctly acoustic with a bluesy or folky feel to it, as represented by our first EP, but some is harder and rockier or even a bit psychedelic.

Time to put some more tracks online to give a fuller flavour of The Cracked Man.

Although we are currently developing our debut album, the completion will be some way off yet - and at that point, the tracks will have many more instruments than just the 2 we use when playing live. So we set up in Marcus's living room and did a "live" recording to a bunch of microphones and recording equipment.

So as a taster for what to expect if you can come along to any of our gigs, or a flavour of what we sound like if you can't, below you will find 4 tracks - Moving On, Zero Energy, Footprints in the Sea, and Demon on Your Shoulder.